Dolphin Predators

A great white sharkDolphins make a tasty meal for large predators such as sharks. But dolphins swim in groups, called pods, and protect the weaker dolphins by circling around them. The pod will attack any animal that approaches in a threatening way. So most predators – even sharks – don’t bother trying to attack dolphins because the pod working toegether is such a good defence.

Dolphins’ most dangerous predator is man. Sailors didn’t eat dolphins beacuse of their gentle, friendly nature and the stories about rescued sailors, but now more people eat dolphins.

The Faroe Islands have a tradition of eating dolphins, and in Japan dolphin meat is an expensive delicacy.

Dolphins eat the same fish as people, and so sometimes fishermen will kill dolphins because they think the dolphins will ruin their catch.

The greatest danger for dolphins is being accidently killed by fishing nets. Dolphins trapped in nets will drown. There are some ways to reduce the risk of killing dolphins during fishing, and there have been many campaigns to get fishermen to be more careful.

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